Siddharth Hirwani

Hi! My name is Siddharth

and I'm an Interaction design student and seeking job opportunities starting Fall 2018.

I have always been very curious and inquisitive, always questioning to know more or investigating deeper to find answers. I am fascinated by how products influence the lives of people and how people incorporate the designs of products in their lives.  I also have a passion for building things and working with my hands, to make tangible the ideas rumbling in my head. As a designer I try to bring empathy, curiosity and perseverance to find that tiny gap of opportunity in every design problem.

In 2017, I spent the year interning and exploring at Above, an award winning Scandinavian innovation and design agency in Stockholm. Currently you will find me back at the Umeå Institute of Design completing my Master's thesis in collaboration with Atlas Copco and I hope to graduate this June. 

See samples of my work below. 

Master's Thesis

Augmenting Assembly Line Operations through Multimodal Interaction

in collaboration with Atlas Copco Industrial Technique AB


Selection of projects done academically and professionally


Pontus - An Interactive Plant

interaction design, PRODUCT DESIGN, Sound Design

Professional Projects

UX, Interface Design, Product Design


Remote Controlled Mining interface

User experience, research

Peek - Tilt to Preview

Screen Interactions, Experience Prototyping


Volkswagen Passport - Future of Mobility

Service Design, Transportation Design, UI, UX

The Sentient Complexion

speculative design, design fiction, Faceless Interaction


Science Demo Kits for Schools

Design for learning, Product Design