Siddharth Hirwani

Science Demo Kits for Schools



Life Lab works towards creating fun and experiential products that engage with children, helping them learn scientific principles faster. The aim of this project was to design and develop demonstration kits for basic scientific principles. These kits were aimed towards low income schools.


The production volume being small we could not go into a manufacturing scenario and therefore worked towards creating modules and blocks that were laser cut, easy to assemble and economical for schools to invest in.



Project Team Member
Vasu Agrawal


Below are some samples of the demo kits we worked on, the full range can be found here.  The catalogue shows the entire range of products in the kit. 


Process and Challenges

We experimented with different materials and over many iterations managed to develop these products. Price was a critical aspect of the project and we had to be sensitive towards the locally available economical materials and local production shops. Laser cutting was found to be the quickest and cheapest way to develop these kits. Before we stepped in to help, another challenge on the client's front was time that was required to glue and put together the kits and therefore they were unable to meet the demand. We developed inter - locking modules that worked with minimal or no glueing at all. This considerably improved the assembly time. These easy to assemble modules also allowed for flat packing and shipping, reducing cost and damage in transport.