Siddharth Hirwani


Play | A selection of short projects


8 Cube

During one of the weeks of experience prototyping, I made this cube inspired from the 8 ball. It has two modes one that you can ask yes and no questions to and another that shows different emoticons when you turn the cube on it's different faces. The cube uses an accelerometer, Arduino nano and a LED matrix. 



Coin Design

Designed a coin that is to be awarded for excellence at work for DELL SecureWorks. Dell SecureWorks protects your IT infrastructure against cyber threats. The theme for the coin was the Hoplite, protectors of the internet. The Spartans of Greece was one of vigilance, battle ready,  and ready to fight against all odds. The Spartan warrior was the Hoplite, a citizen warrior- distinctive in armor, weaponry and training. Characteristics from the warrior have been adapted to design the coin.




Lonesome is an exploration as an experience prototype to evoke emotions and empathy amongst the viewer in the short duration of the film.  This film was made alongside my classmates Christoph Zobl and Trieuvy Luu.

*Please note the film deals with a sensitive topic and storyline. This topic was taken up as an exploration and to learn not just about camera techniques, lighting, sound, cinematography but being able to build certain emotions through film and video creating an experience.