Siddharth Hirwani

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Professional Projects


Smart Recycle Bin

The project aimed at designing a system for waste identification with the aim to change behavior and raise awareness of sorting waste in the office environment. The system used image recognition and machine learning to understand the different materials and if sorted correctly or not. 

*This project was done while working at Above in 2017 for Liselotte Lööf Bolagen AB
Project was done alongside team members - Simon Fredriksson (Industrial Designer) and Marianne Vary (Visual Designer)



The interface design was visually light and playful that ran through a set a of educational videos on the importance of sorting waste, recycling and the circular economy. The progression of the amount of material sorted were shown through analogies of forestation, cleaning up the ocean from plastics, recovering landscapes and reducing pollution.




Solar Charging Cover App

An iPad app designed to monitor and control the solar charge through the tablet cover. The app was designed for a leading solar cell manufacturer in Sweden.

*This project was done while working at Above in 2017



Product Catalogue App

A catalogue app was designed for a leading air conditioning and cooling solutions manufacturer in India.  The app contained their entire product range, with images, technical specifications, calculators, dealer locators etc. The original app required more than 5 clicks to get to a product which was reduced to 2-3 clicks.

The app out in the market and is available for download on the Google play store.

Role in Project
I completely took charge of the design and development of this application under the guidance of the studio director.  From initial wireframes, prototypes to look and feel options and co-ordinating with the development team was my responsibility.

*This project was done while working at Ticket Design Pvt. Ltd. in 2015



VRF Smart App

A smart phone app was designed for an air conditioning company in India to control large number of individual air conditioners mainly in an industrial, commercial, corporate or educational setup.  Different types of ACs can be controlled, enabling switch on - switch off, setting temperatures, changing modes and managing efficiency.  Use of this app provides a never before intuitive control interface for commercial users who otherwise have managed their AC’s manually.  

Role in Project
The computer application was initially designed by the company.  I was given the responsibility to create a mobile app using the same look and feel updating it with current UI trends and improvements in navigation and functionality.  I over saw the development of the application with developers.

*This project was done while working at Ticket Design Pvt. Ltd. in 2015



Electrical Discharge Machine

The project required to design and integrate the electrical discharge machine for a leading industrial machine manufacturer in India.  The main direction was to differentiate itself from competitors and give it a premium look.

Role in project
I and another junior industrial designer were given the responsibility to conduct the initial research and design the new machine which was to be exhibited in an upcoming industrial fair.  After visiting several factories and the manufacturers plant, we explored some initial ideas and machine layout options.  My design was selected to go ahead with.  Working along with an engineer I helped develop the final manufacturable CAD models and drawings and over saw the development of the prototype.

*This project was done while working at Ticket Design Pvt. Ltd in



Automotive Batteries

The project dealt with creating a range of automotive and industrial batteries for a top battery manufacturer.  The idea was to give it a bold, rugged and distinct look. Ribs were taken forward as distinct character across the range of batteries to create a brand language.  The brand logo was embossed on the back side.  Range of textures were tried and selected to give batteries a premium look.  The bold red colour also distinguished the batteries from it’s competitors.

Role in Project
I was involved the initial stages of this project, participating in ideation and CAD models, leading upto the final selection of designs.

*This project was done while working at Ticket Design Pvt. Ltd.